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Catch the Rhythm!

A dance workshop for trans and gender-questioning people

Für alle ab 15 Jahren


FR 17.3. 18:00–20:00


As transgender people, we often struggle with our bodies, but we also celebrate them in unique ways. Dance is a way to make that connection with our body - it is healing, but often quite challenging as well. In this workshop we will be dancing, but also connecting with each other over a shared interest in dance - whether that’s about dysphoria and movement, gendered associations with dance or how we navigate spaces like clubs, classes, or performances. No previous experience in dance is required.  


Nkeny and Kristin are the founders of the Kiki Sessions, a weekly open session to train, hang out, and exchange about dance and other forms of movement. It’s happening every tuesday 18:00-20:00 at Wolke in Kulturzentrum 4lthangrund.


Eintritt frei

Leitung: Nkeny Bakilam Nsangong and Kristin Jackson Lerch

Mehr Infos auf Instagram: @come_n_kiki


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