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voguing ball

presented by Karin Cheng and the Kiki House of Dive

One Thousand One, Two Thousand Two, Three Thousand Three and hold that pose for me!


The voguing scene is back und dieses Mal hosten Karin Cheng (aka KarinKarinKarin Dive) und ihr Kiki House of Dive zum ersten Mal einen Kiki Ball im DSCHUNGEL WIEN.

Categories like Virgin, Runway or Oldway are open for every BODY and the battles will be hot!



Virgin Vogue (OTA)
For this category, we want to see all the new children who are as fresh to the scene as a snowflake caught mid-air. Please note that this category is only for people who have been walking categories for which one vogues for 2 years or less, and walking it means you can't compete in any other dance categories at the ball. Make sure your look incorporates a snowflake in some form. 

Runway - Polar Expedition Runway (OTA)

Present us the most elegant yet practical garments from the first fashion show on Antarctica. Snowshoes, huge anoraks, and the longest of scarves!

Hands vs Arms - Aurora (OTA)
For this category we honor nature's faboulous light shows caused by disturbances in the magnetosphere due to solar winds, also known as the southern / northern lights. Use LED's, glowsticks, flash lights or anything else that will glow up your arms or hands, but please no real fire. The stage lights will be dimmed or this category.

Realness - Winter Olympic Athlete (BIPoC)
Figure skaters, curlers, skiers, snowboarders and more! Convince the judges that you're an international winter sports sensation who just snatched a gold medal. Serve us anything from sweaty athlete straight from the competition to a glamorous Apres-Ski party look to celebrate your success.

Old way - Oberyn Martell (OTA)
Serve it up in a look inspired by Oberyn Martel, the most stylish and sexy Prince of Dorne and the true queer icon of game of thrones. Incorporate the colour gold into your look!

Face - The Many Faced God (Trans/NB)
The faceless men of Braavos worship the god of death and embrace all other religions as each of them worship death in some manner as well - death has many faces. Present your face to the judges as one of these deities of death, and assassinate the competition in honour of the House of Black and White. If that's all a bit much and you didn't watch Game of thrones - just serve us a divine gothic inspired look. 
Snow Monster Bizarre (OTA)
Bewitch us with an a look inspired by Bigfoot, the Yeti, Perchten or Krampus. Roar! 

Tag Team Fem - A song of Ice and Fire (OTA)
Show us your fiercest moves as a duo, each representing one of the two universal forces in George R. R. Martin's famous novels.

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SA   27.11.  20:30

Kiki_Ballroompractice2020-08-29-22h28m55s593 copie.png

Foto © Manon Pichon

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